A Trailer for my upcoming book Total Return Life™

Join me as I’m living Total Return Life™! A lifestyle of Travel, Freedom and Financial Fulfillment.

Do any of these photographs inspire you? My new book, Total Return Life teaches how you too can travel the World, enjoy your life and fulfill even your wildest dreams! Learn how to be financially savvy with your investments so that you can build your portfolio to pay for fixed expenses. Travel more, do more and ultimately be more. You only live once so make the best of your time.

Don’t want to manage your own investments because of lack of time, willingness or ability? Let me do it for you. Total Return Financial provides investment and insurance solutions so that you can live the life of your own choosing. Be moved, touched and inspired with your actions and not managing your investments. Spend more time with your grandchildren or on the golf course and let us do the “heavy lifting” for you!

Total Return Lifers choose active living and not mere existence. We live to fulfill our dreams, desires and explore the World that God has created for us.

Very truly yours,

Bill Booz